What if. . . you don't need to do any more healing to create, attract, and manifest the relationship and life you desire?

And what if. . . all you had to do was understand how to bring in a more empowered masculine paradigm to support you?

If you’ve been immersed in self-development for years (and have experienced some pretty significant shifts and successes in your life), but there's still an area that feels elusive to you no matter how deep you go into the inner work, I can totally relate!
Beyond Healing

The Healing Trap And Your Achilles Heel

There are three very important areas of life that deeply impact our level of happiness and they are; relationships, money, and health/body.

Empowered women will find that they can figure out most areas of their lives without too much effort and struggle. But there's typically at least one area where nothing seems to change, no matter how much learning and healing they do, and it often has to do with their relationships. This inability to shift their outer reality becomes their Achilles Heel. The healing trap gets activated anytime a woman goes looking to fix or heal what she believes could be wrong with her. Your Achilles Heel is the area of your life where you've invested the most amount of time, energy, and money with little to no payoff or tangible results.

When an empowered woman isn't able to shift her outer reality even though she's so capable and smart, whether it's attracting an ideal partner, attracting amazing clients easily and growing her business, or achieving her ideal body, she will inevitably begin to think something must be wrong with her.

This is where everything gets off track. (Especially if she sees other women creating the results she wants quickly and easily.)

The problem really starts to take off when a woman asks "why" she has these feelings concerning her Achilles Heel because the "self-help" paradigm will say that it's because of childhood wounds, limiting beliefs, or subconscious programming. While these things are great to have an awareness around, when it comes to actual results, I've come to realize that they rarely move the needle. (I've done all of these things with my clients and have gone to the depths of their wounds, so I'm no stranger to healing modalities and can heal with the best of them. I teach these things extensively in my Receive program...but I've found a better way for those who're ready.)
Beyond Healing

The Healing Trap Is...

...an unsuccessful attempt to heal and transform the feeling(s) of "not feeling good enough." It also releases dopamine into your brain which is why it feels like you're making progress but your reality never changes.

I've seen many of my clients spin in the healing trap, no matter the situation, whether it has to do with dating a new man, wondering if the right guy is ever going to show up or if they're going to end up alone, not trusting themselves on if they should stay in a relationship or not, growing an online coaching business, or dealing with close family relationships.
Beyond Healing

The answers and solutions that women are looking for, to create success and happiness in every area of their lives, always come down to the empowered feminine being supported by the empowered masculine.

The four main steps we'll be going over in Beyond Healing have to do with awareness of what you're feeling, observing that your natural instinct is to figure out how to heal the icky feelings or situation, recognizing the pull into the healing trap because you're now embodying the truth that there's nothing wrong with you, and you're learning that the answer(s) you're looking for are in your outer environment. It will present itself to you, and you'll be available for it! In order to consistently do this and create a new normal, we'll be diving deep into how to do this in the four modules listed below:

  • Module #1 - Awareness - Becoming aware of all the ways in which it feels natural and intuitive to turn towards fixing, changing, and working on yourself when you recognize the familiar feelings of not feeling good enough (or feeling triggered)

  • Module #2 - Understanding Healthy Relationships From An Evolutionary Perspective (Combining It With The Feminine Healing Energy Paradigm), Personalities, The Reasonable Woman, Discernment, And Being Unapologetic

  • Module #3 - Personality And Behavior, Awareness, Setting Up Your Environment To Support You And Creating Confidence

  • Module #4 - Trust, Intuition, And Receiving Answers And Solutions Within A Wholeness Paradigm

When Do We Start?

This course will be four weeks in duration, and we'll officially start on Wednesday, November 10th at 12 PM Pacific.

  • One pre-recorded video training (PDF of slides included) per week.

  • Weekly group Q and A sessions (every Wednesday for four weeks) via Zoom and will last no longer than 2 hours. (If you can't make the live calls, you'll be able to ask your questions in the FB group and the group call recordings will be uploaded to the course portal.)

  • Private FB group to ask questions, and share your insights/celebrations with the other women in the group.

Who is Beyond Healing for?

The women who will create the best results from this program are highly conscientious and have been immersed in self-development/inner healing work for years and generally have a high sense of self-esteem in most areas of their lives.