The energy of men and money is very similar, and when a woman energetically becomes available to receive more love, she naturally becomes available to receive more money with ease.

The KEY to having the success you want (financial and romantic) is within the health of your relationships on an energetic level. 

The energetic link between men and money that cause a woman to feel as if she's doing all the inner work without seeing the results comes down to the fears of her inner child which have to do with not feeling safe to be truly seen, fears of rejection, abandonment, and not feeling good enough.

She must learn to shine her light so she can receive her heart's desires. (This is her life-long spiritual path.)
 The way to transform this has to do with becoming aware of the family unit that exists within her and understanding how the conscious mind (masculine) and subconscious mind (feminine) relate to each other and how they influence what we experience out in the world.

To achieve one's full potential and become self-actualized, one must understand healthy relationship dynamics on an energetic level.

There are 6 main concepts every woman needs to know in order to create and attract the life and love she desires in the easiest way possible...

  • ... learn and understand the 4 empowered and 4 disempowered masculine and feminine archetypes which allows a woman to quickly discern how healthy a relationship is and if she has the ability to shift the dynamic...

  • …understand the true message your triggers, fears, and anxiety are telling you so you can heal them and naturally (finally) move through your upper limits and glass ceilings - we often make triggers mean something they don't mean and this stops us from healing the underlying wound…

  • ...become aware of when you're operating in dense (3D) energy and how to shift through the (4D) and into the 5th dimension where you can receive with ease...

  • …become aware of what’s healthy and what's not (by staying in your own life raft) when it comes to all the relationships in your life (strong, capable women are often pulling others along and this stops them from receiving)…

  • …disengage from all drama and learn how to stay neutral so you can easily access your intuition, see through the illusions of life so you're available to receive…

  • …every woman has a family unit inside of her which consists of her inner child, masculine energy parent, and the feminine woman. This is the most important relationship in her entire life and if she's not aware of it, her inner child will subconsciously run the show and self-sabotage.

Here are some results women have created through our work together...

  • Attracting the love of her life (in her late 40’s) from her first date on Bumble and having her first multiple six figure month.

  • Attracting love within six weeks of our first session.

  • Attracting love within 2.5 months of working together.

  • Attracting love within 5 weeks of joining one of my masterminds.

  • Getting clarity on if need to stay or leave her relationship

  • Bringing in multiple six figures during our year together and healing her marriage

  • Many entrepreneurs experience receiving clients and money in a much easier and effortless way once they learn the information in the Receive program.

  • And the most important, healing life long traumas and wounds so they can move forward in their lives feeling whole, confident, and complete in themselves which makes them the ultimate magentizer.

How is RECEIVE different from other manifesting or relationship programs?

This program focuses on understanding healthy relationships dynamics between the masculine and feminine.

Your integrated feminine and masculine energies (specifically your conscious and subconscious minds) allow you to recognize the empowered (and integrated) masculine in the form of a man, money, clients, opportunities, etc. out in the world and then RECEIVE them without effort! I will teach you the most effective and powerful foundation for moving through your glass ceilings and upper limits specifically in the areas that are most difficult for you. 

Who is RECEIVE for?

The women who will create the best results from this program have been immersed in self-development for years, are already familiar with the basic foundation of masculine and feminine energies and want to learn what healthy relationships are on a deep fundamental level.