What if you knew exactly what to do and what not to do to easily inspire feelings of love and devotion in a man and trigger his masculine need to commit to you – and painful feelings of worry, doubt, anxiousness and insecurity from wondering what a man’s thinking or how he feels about you – were gone forever?

When you understand how the process of commitment really works in the mind of a man and how it’s different for a woman, getting all the time, love, attention, tenderness, romance, connection, and commitment – will be so much easier than you ever imagined.

If you’re struggling and frustrated because your relationship doesn’t seem to be moving forward – or you keep attracting men who don’t seem interested in a real committed relationship, you’re not alone.

If you don’t learn how relationships and commitment really work for a man you’ll keep wasting your precious time and energy accidentally doing what doesn’t work and sabotaging your efforts.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, then this is probably the most important information you’re ever going to learn when it comes to having a loving, committed relationship.
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Avoid The 2 Biggest Mistakes Women Make When It Comes to Getting The Commitment They Want

Mistake #1: Accidentally Chasing Him

When we find ourselves feeling anxious about where we stand with a man or where the relationship is going – it’s normal to start to worry that if we don’t show him how interested we are, he’ll think we don’t care and he’ll lose interest and drift away. We automatically begin trying to let him know how interested we are, and the things we instinctively do unknowingly turn a man off! (Sad, but true!) We want to make sure he knows how we feel. We feel this intense “urge” to do things for him to show him how much we care. It would be heartbreaking if he got the wrong message and just drifted away because he didn’t know how we felt… …So we become EXTRA “loving” and show him what a great woman we are…
The Art Of Getting The Commitment You Want

We do things like...

  • Call him up to tell him something cute or funny we heard today

  • Call him to “check in” with him and touch base

  • Cook him his favorite dinner

  • Text him a “flirty” cute message

  • Drive to his place because it’s more convenient for him

  • Call him because we haven’t heard from him

  • “Like” his Facebook posts

  • Get in touch because he hasn’t made plans for the weekend

  • Ask him how he feels – especially how he feels about you and the relationship

  • Put more energy into the relationship than he is

As women, when we talk things through, it helps us feel more connected and closer. To a man, it feels like pressure and it feels like we’re chasing him. The only thing that makes him want to do is back up and create space for himself – which makes us want to move towards him to close the gap, as soon as possible. Here’s the thing – you don’t need to talk about the relationship. The less you talk about the relationship, the better. This also includes asking him how he feels about you. When he calls, or comes home and wants to see you and you want to talk about the relationship, he’ll shut right down and his feelings will start to fade instantly.
Most women have done all of these things and they seem so harmless, right? We’re just being friendly and loving… and we do these things because we want to show him how cool, easy going and helpful we are. We may think we actually need to “help” him. He may be shy, busy, or just clueless – and we want to make it as easy as possible for him and show him what a great woman we are. We take on the masculine role as “pursuer” without even realizing it, this automatically puts him in the “distancer” role. To a man – when we begin initiating anything – it feels like pressure to him. It feels like we’re chasing HIM! It dampens his desire to get closer – AND he has NO IDEA why. He can’t put his finger on it but he just “isn’t feeling it” the way he used to. He’ll then stop calling you, making plans with you and even saying he’s confused or doesn’t know if he can give you what you want. It’s so frustrating to sit back and wait for a man to step up and initiate. The longer we “wait” the more frustrated and angry we feel, the more anxious we feel – the more urgency we feel! We would do almost anything to NOT feel those feelings. And then we rationalize how this is “so stupid and ridiculous” – we just want him to know how we’re feeling.
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What you want to start doing right now to create intense attraction and bring your man closer is to focus on creating good feeling experiences – moment by moment. If communication is the “key” to intimacy, how could talking about the relationship push a man away? It’s the way we instinctively go about it – that makes him automatically lose attraction. When you learn what makes a man want to get as close as possible and stay forever, you’ll find yourself feeling more happy, secure and confident. You’ll no longer spend your specious time worrying about how a man feels about you and what he’s thinking. You’ll feel more connected to him and cherished right away because HE’LL feel compelled to move towards you and close that gap. If you don’t learn what makes a man want to get as close as possible and stay in love forever, you’ll find yourself waiting for a man, wondering how to get him to give you the love you need (if it’s even possible), and how he really feels about you. You may even feel great when you’re with him, but when you’re NOT with him, you may feel anxious and insecure and start analyzing his every word and action – and unknowingly give these things the wrong meaning. What you’re about to learn WILL completely transform your love life and get you the commitment you want. It will feel counterintuitive at first, but once you implement the tools and get incredible results, you’ll never go back to doing things the “old” way. Typically when we want to talk about the relationship it’s because we’re starting to feel anxious about losing him. The commitment we want may feel farther and farther away.

Instantly Shift Your Vibe And Become So Irresistible Your Man Will Feel Compelled To Commit To You

There’s one shift that transforms everything – instantly! Rather than “waiting” for a man to make up his mind about you (which means you are at his mercy) it’s about shifting the dynamic so you’re the prize and you’re the one choosing (not the other way around). This is NOT about playing games, giving a man an ultimate, or implementing superficial “strategies.” This is about completely shifting the relationship dynamic, which is the only way to get permanent results. Once you start using the tools, you’re going to feel less urgent, and more peaceful and back to your empowered confident self. Experience what it really feels like to settle in and not work at all while your man moves your relationship forward all on his own – because it will all be HIS idea!

Here’s Some Of What’s Covered In The Program That You Can Instantly Access:

  • What to do if you’re starting to feel anxious and insecure

  • Why you’re not getting the commitment you want

  • The two qualities a healthy, masculine man will be drawn to on an unconscious level that will compel him to come close

  • How women accidentally end up creating tension rather than connection with their man

  • What a man “needs” in order to move the relationship forward

  • Specific tools to start building trust within yourself so you radiate confidence

  • Understanding the way men fall in love and how it’s completely different then the way women fall in love, and how you can use this information to easily navigate your relationship

  • The two critical “vibes” to completely mesmerize a man and create lasting attraction

  • The two specific ways women prevent a deep heart-to-heart connection with a man

  • Understanding empowered versus wounded masculine/feminine energies and how to heal your “wounded” masculine and feminine energies

  • What NOT to do if/when a man is stalling (even though it seems so innocent!)

  • The two very basic “needs” a man has to have in order to commit to a woman forever

  • The difference between “chemistry” and “intimacy” in your relationship and how to create true intimacy with your man

  • Learn how the relationship with your parents may be affecting your ability to receive love from your partner and how to start healing it

  • How to get your needs met without becoming pushy, demanding or needy

  • Specific scripts to use and words to say that will bring a man close

  • Specific ways of talking and words to avoid so you don’t push your man away

  • The 3 options you have IF he doesn’t “step-up” and show you he’s the man for you

  • Learn the proven method we’ve taught our clients to empower them to get the commitment they want