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Hi, I'm Leigha!

I've been teaching high-achieving, spiritual women how to attract and and have healthy, happy, and deeply fulfilling relationships with empowered men for over ten years. One of the biggest mistakes women make that keeps them from having the love they truly desire is staying with men who have "potential" for way too long.

I call it "The Potential Man Trap." It's a predictable cycle. You meet a man, he seems great. There are a few red flags but he has a lot of great qualities and it does feel like he loves you. It only takes a few months before you begin to feel like you're pulling him and the relationship along. (It shouldn't be this much work!) You talk with him about it, and things feel good again for a little while but it always goes back to you wanting more from him. Welcome to the life of dating the archetype of the Surfer. The man who can never be what you want him to be.
Leigha Lake

When a woman learns to avoid The Potential Man Trap, she puts herself on the fast track to attracting and having the relationship she wants.

To avoid "The Potential Man Trap" at all costs, a woman needs to learn to recognize the three main archetypes of men so she can quickly and easily recognize a healthy masculine man.

Learning to recognize these three archetypes of men not only saves a woman from wasting months or years with a man who can never be what she needs him to be, but it also prevents a woman from spending her time and energy trying to change herself and trying to fix a relationship that can never be fixed.

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7 Simple Steps to Attracting an Empowered Man

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