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I've been teaching highly successful women how to attract an empowered masculine energy man for over eight years. One of the biggest obstacles for highly conscientious women is that they're so reasonable they often end up dating men with potential for way too long and giving too much benefit of the doubt. Learning to recognize "men with potential" as soon as possible and letting them go is KEY!

Another thing that makes dating seem difficult is, high-achieving women will inevitably say "no" to a lot of men and because they're saying no so much, they'll begin to doubt and wonder if the right man for them even exists, or begin to feel something's wrong with them. They'll start to question if they're too picky or if they're going to end up alone. This is so common but in reality...it's simply part of the process.
Leigha Lake

The Most Important Thing A Woman Could Learn Is What An Empowered Man Will Do And Won't Do In A Relationship...

When a woman knows what to look for then she can embody the magnetic mindset for dating of, "Show me who you are."

Empowered men are... simply easy to get along with and understand. You should feel good when you're around them at least 90% of the time. While a woman is learning what an empowered man will and won't do, there are 7 simple steps that are going to give her the best perspective to start from. I go over these 7 steps in the free PDF that you can access below by entering your email, you'll also receive emails from me about how to recognize an empowered masculine energy man.

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