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Hi, I'm Leigha!

I've been teaching high-achieving, spiritual women how to have healthy, happy, and deeply fulfilling relationships for over eight years. One of the biggest obstacles for highly conscientious women is that they're so reasonable they often end up dating and staying in relationships with men who have potential for way too long and give too much benefit of the doubt. Learning to recognize "men with potential" as soon as possible and letting them go is KEY!

For high-achieving women who're currently single, they're having to say "no" to a lot of men. Because they're saying "no" so much, it's hard not to doubt and wonder if the right man for them even exists. They'll start to question if something is wrong with them, if they're too picky or if they're going to end up alone. This is so common but in reality...it's simply part of the process.
Leigha Lake

The #1 KEY To Attracting And Having A Healthy, Loving, Romantic Relationship Is Learning To Love From Your Life Raft...

When a woman navigates her life and relationships from her life raft, she embodies both masculine and feminine energy. This integrated energy transforms all the relationships around her.

Integrated masculine energy men desire to be with a woman who has her own life raft, and she doesn't try and get in his or pull him into hers. The "Life Raft" tool is the first tool in my free "7 Simple Steps To Attracting An Empowered Man."

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7 Simple Steps to Attracting an Empowered Man

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