Hi, I'm Leigha!

And I love teaching women how their empowered/divine feminine (and masculine) energies attract their desires TO them.

What if… all you needed to do to stop the cycle of attracting the wrong men, not enough money, and the wrong clients/or not enough clients – was learn and understand the dance between you and everything outside of you? All it takes are a few simple changes and an understanding of how to attract empowered masculine energy with your own innate feminine energy. You can have the relationship you want, receive more than enough money and create a beautiful, sustainable business with clients who are a dream to work with – when you understand the energy dynamic between the empowered masculine and feminine energies!
Leigha Lake

Here’s what some women have to say about their experience with my programs…

“…your feminine energy has a lot to do with attracting the “right” kind of man…” I have seen changes in many different areas of my life where this class has made a difference. ​There are so many different tools that I’ve taken away from this program. Overall, this program has helped me be more calm and peaceful with what I want in my life and being in the present. The mantras and affirmations are my favorite part of this program that I can use as a daily reminder of what my desires are. ​If you are in a place in your life where you feel stuck, maybe you need some direction, maybe you are just looking to grow or work on a personal relationship, I really think this program will help you. ​I do feel like being in your feminine energy has a lot to do with attracting the “right” kind of man for me and abundance in everyday life.”


“…love doesn’t have to be constant work for the woman…” I’ve been raised to feel self-sufficient and independent, however this mindset has never worked out well for me in the “romance Department”. I constantly tell women like me to look into the resources on Helena and Leigha’s websites and to join in calls. I tell women who feel frustrated, that love does not have to be constant work for the woman, that men should prove themselves by coming towards us. This has completely changed my perspective on dating and relationships forever! There is ZERO room for doubt: Leigha and Helena are the reason I attracted and am continuing a committed relationship with my man. Their guidance and continued support are the only reasons I’ve learned to make healthy choices for myself.​”


“I feel like I’m living at a higher level…” Helena and Leigha are amazing! Everything they say makes sense. The Tools they provide are easy and really make a difference. I feel like I am living at a higher level and don’t get sucked into negativity, stuck thinking or drama. If I do, I just use the Tools and it sets me back on track. It’s given me more confidence in my interactions with everyone in my life. The dating coaching is excellent, but so much of where you are in your dating life is related to what’s going on in your life as a whole. I feel so much more positive about my future as a result of this class. We work out our bodies, but it’s just as important to keep exercising and nurturing the mind. As much as our parents/families are well meaning, they don’t always teach us for dating and living. Highly recommend!”


Feminine Energy Manifesting Secrets is about learning how to access the magic that's available to you in every moment.

Feminine Energy Manifesting Secrets will give you tools and insights into a way of being throughout your day that easily attracts the man, money, clients, and opportunities you want.

It allows you to connect to your intuition and to navigate the world of the unknown with confidence and a “knowing” that you’re exactly where you need to be in order to bring in your highest level love, career and life.
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