You know you were meant for more...

You most likely feel like you've accomplished more in your life than most and from an outside perspective, you're very successful!

Even though you've created and manifested incredible things in your life, you still deeply desire to meet the love of your life, and you know you're capable of creating so much more if only you could figure out what's stopping you...

There Are 3 Main Archetypes Of Women. Which Archetype Are You?

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Hi, I'm Leigha!

I've been teaching, coaching, guiding, and mentoring women on how to attract and have the romantic relationship they desire while also moving past their glass ceilings and living up to their potential for over ten years.

When you learn all the ways you're accidentally giving your power away in your life (with men, clients, people in authority, etc.) and how to stop, you begin pulling back all of your energy so that you're able to show up as the most powerful, magnetic version of yourself. You stop spinning in the same energetic frequency. You stop doubting, second-guessing, overthinking, and overanalyzing, and you become available and receptive to life and know you can handle whatever shows up in your reality.
Leigha Lake

If you're intuitive, empathic, highly sensitive, and spiritual...

You're most likely constantly pulled between two different paradigms. One where you know you can manifest amazing results, and the other keeps you turning in on yourself and blaming yourself for things out of your control, taking over responsibility for other people's behavior, and getting caught up in a cycle of shame, guilt, worry, overwhelm, frustration, and/or fear.

Let Me Show You How... embody that magnetic energetic signature that draws in the right man while also opening yourself up to more money, clients, opportunities, etc., by first learning which archetype you embody most and what needs to shift so that you're dissolving your glass ceilings and upper limits in a very natural and empowering way.

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