Imagine going throughout your day with a deep inner knowing that you’re always in the right place at the right time…

doing exactly what you’re doing… and that it’s THIS specific frequency that attracts IN the empowered masculine energy you dream about?

Imagine easily staying open to ALL of the messages and synchronicities that are always there to guide you? Imagine easily letting go of situations, circumstances and relationships that are no longer an energetic match for you?

Are you ready to...

  • Be successful in every area of your life, especially when it comes to men and money?

  • Open up your capacity to receive and accumulate more from empowered masculine energy?

  • Attract a man who can meet you on your level and bring just as much to the table as you do?

  • Allow life to be easy and learn to recognize the messages life is giving you on a daily basis?

  • Have your life be a clear representation of your energetic mastery?

If you feel naturally intuitive already, you're going to love the things I want to share with you!

Intuition is often talked about in regards to making the “right” decisions and knowing things in a way that don’t make sense…

Your intuition plays a massive role in your ability to manifest in the easiest and quickest way possible.

Your intuition is the “gateway” to collapsing time and space and allowing your desires to find you in a way that feels effortless and exciting. 

The answer you’ve been looking for… the life you want to live… is on the other side of how quickly you recognize and follow your intuition.

Intuition + Responding = Feminine Magnetism = Attracting Everything You Desire

When I personally experienced masculine energy coming towards me without me doing anything…simply being open and receptive…EVERYTHING changed for me.

I began to recognize that if we viewed the Universe and everything outside of us that we “wanted and desired” as masculine energy… we could draw it to us, JUST like a masculine man is drawn towards feminine energy.

Here’s what some women experienced during our time together…

“The Intuition Course with Leigha Lake was life-changing for me. It’s helped me really trust deep down, which has made all the difference in how I live my life. I no longer feel adrift, instead I am grounded in the safety of the Universe & knowing that I am in the flow. Leigha presented the information in such a way that it was easy to implement into my life and I have been swept up in confidence & believing in magic again.”


“The program was so calming for me, and learning the difference between living in the third and fifth dimensions was so incredible! It manifested in meeting more men and a solution to my finances. Just trusting and knowing it will happen. Thank you Leigha Lake! Will continue to follow your work! ”


“I’m having a happy dance day! I created 2 new clients via IG this morning, with minimal effort! Also I actually haven’t stopped smiling in a few days. All of this intuition work is so magical. ”


If you’re reading this, chances are that you…

  • Have been learning about masculine and feminine energies and you want to take your knowledge to the next level.ii

  • You know life can be easier but you need more of a road map and tools to help you navigate your way.

  • You want to access more of the magic of life.

  • You want to learn more about your intuition and how to feel more confident in your decisions.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome Video

    • Welcome!

  • 2

    Class #1 Archetypes & Foundation

    • Class #1 Video

    • Class #1 PDF

    • Class #1 Audio

    • Activations

  • 3

    Class #2 Healing Triggers

    • Class #2 Video

    • Class #2 PDF

    • Class #2 Audio

  • 4

    Class #3 3rd & 5th Dimensions

    • Class #3 Video

    • Class #3 PDF

    • Class #3 Audio

  • 5

    Class #4 Recognizing Your Intuition

    • Class #4 Video

    • Class #4 PDF

    • Class #4 Audio