Imagine going throughout your day with a deep inner knowing that you’re always in the right place at the right time… doing exactly what you’re doing…and that it’s THIS specific frequency that attracts IN the empowered masculine energy you dream about?

Imagine easily letting go of situations, circumstances, and relationships that are no longer an energetic match for you? 

Imagine easily staying open to ALL of the messages and synchronicities that are always there to guide you?

Imagine easily letting go of situations, circumstances and relationships that are no longer an energetic match for you?

This is what I want for you.

Especially if there's a little, tiny part of you that's starting to wonder if things will ever change in the area(s) you want to change the most.

Do you feel…

Like you should be so much farther along by now? You shouldn't be struggling with money/or have way more than you do? You should have a lifelong relationship already/or your current relationship could be so much better? Life's harder than you know it should be? You're more "in tune" than most so how come your life isn't a clear representation of that?
The Art Of Getting The Commitment You Want

Your intuition plays a massive role in your ability to manifest in the easiest and quickest way possible.

Your intuition is the “gateway” to collapsing time and space and allowing your desires to find you in a way that feels effortless and exciting.

The answer you’ve been looking for… the life you want to live… is on the other side of how quickly you recognize and follow your intuition.

Your intuition (Feminine) is the portal through which energy is brought into form (Masculine), and naturally collapses time and space for quicker manifestations.

This means that when you’re aware of the nudges, ideas and inspiration coming to you… and you respond to them (especially if they don’t make sense), then you’ll have the ability to quickly attract the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Hi, I’m Leigha and I love teaching women how their empowered/divine feminine (and masculine) energies attract their desires TO them. When I was 30 years old, I remember visiting my mom sitting on her couch, and feeling so lost. I wondered when my life was really going to start. I had always thought that I would’ve been happily married at 20 years old (young, I know!) with 4-6 kids by the time I was 30 or so, without ever worrying about money because my amazing husband would support us financially. Here I was, at the age of 32, working as a Wildland Firefighter on an elite helicopter rappel crew (always being pushed past my comfort zone), gone most of the summer, and single. I had no concrete plan for my future except to meet a man, so I could leave my job as a firefighter, start having kids and live the life I’d always dreamed about. I was waiting for a man to come in and swoop me off my feet and save me from the life I had created! After 6 years of fighting fire…I’d come to the realization that the man I was hoping would find me may not even exist! I had decided I’d better start finding a career I could see myself enjoying and doing long-term. If something was going to change, then it was going to be up to me to change it. I finally took my power back not realizing I had been giving it away my entire life up until that point.
Leigha lake Beach
I had been studying the Law Of Attraction, Quantum Physics and anything/everything related to creating your own reality and manifesting for a really long time…over 10 years at that point. Things really started to click for me when I began learning about the Masculine and Feminine Energy Dynamic in 2009. One morning in 2011, I woke up and knew it was time to quit my job as a firefighter. I didn’t have a back up plan. I had 2 months worth of credit on my credit cards. I didn’t know how it was all going to work out, I figured worst case scenario was I would get a job in an office and live with my parents until I figured it out. It felt scary but more importantly I felt EXCITED and FREE thinking about quitting. I went in to work, pulled my boss aside and shared how I was feeling, that it was time for me to give my two weeks notice, and his response was, “How do you feel about working in the office until the season is over? We could really use your help right now?” I was SO relieved!! This is what “collapsing time and space” looks like. When you follow your intuition, (even when it doesn’t logically make sense) you open up space for new opportunities to find you. I didn’t go out and look for a job first, save $1,000’s, or make a long term plan. I followed the nudges and promptings and trusted the outcome. This was the first of MANY experiences to come where I “skipped” logical, linear steps and created amazing results.

When I personally experienced masculine energy coming towards me without me doing anything…simply being open and receptive…EVERYTHING changed for me.

I knew that feminine energy was the trusting, allowing, receiving, responding, allowing energy… which is the exact energy that’s talked about in the Law of Attraction… I began to recognize that if we viewed the Universe and everything outside of us that we “wanted and desired” as masculine energy… we could draw it to us, JUST like a masculine man is drawn towards feminine energy.

Here’s What Some Women Experienced Going Through The Course...

  • "The Intuition course with Leigha was life-changing for me. It helped me to really trust deep down, which has made all the difference in how I live my life. I no longer feel adrift, instead I am grounded in the safety of the Universe and knowing that I am in the flow. Leigha presented the information in such a way that it was easy to implement into my life and I have been swept up in confidence and believing in magic again!"

  • "I am really enjoying this course. I'm still working through it. I especially love the explanations of the archetypes and the activations. I recognized a lot of the wounded archetypes within myself. Learning the empowered archetypes is giving me some perspective on what to feel into and what to transform in my life. Thank you!"

  • "The program was so calming for me, and learning the difference between living in the 3rd and 5th dimension was incredible! It manifested in meeting more men and a solution to my finances. Just trusting and knowing it will happen. Thank you Leigha! Will continue to follow your work!"

  • "Dear Leigha, this course has been so helpful to me, I have done so much personal work without seeing the huge changes I expected, and now I know why! And more importantly, what to do about it! You have explained the route to feeling different and shown me that I really can drop my resistance, and that I am safe and cherished. Thank you for opening the door for me when I was trying to dismantle the wall with my bare hands!"

  • "As someone who's been on the spiritual path and done a lot of inner work, I didn't expect this course to have such a profound experience for me. I also didn't realize that I needed to cultivate my own empowered masculine to provide the safety and security. Cultivating that has lead to me developing a strong sense of trust and faith in myself, the Universe, and my path."

  • "All of this intuition work is so magical!!"

  • "Dear Leigha, I just wanted to pop in quickly to express my heartfelt gratitude for the Intuition course… I am merely halfway- and I’ve been learning about this stuff for years - but the way you explained acting from empowered energies and how that translates into the quality of relationships (and life) that we have - it blew my mind. It’s been a major eye-opener, THANK YOU so so much. I am already noticing shifts in how I show up in the world, mostly standing up for myself and living by my values - and funnily enough the man I thought I pushed away with my chasing/masculine energy for good is starting to resurface…! Wow!! Thanks a million, this is the best course I’ve done in a long long time."