Imagine waking up in the morning and happily looking over at the love of your life and immediately feeling so much peace, freedom, and fulfillment. Not only do you have an amazing, caring, empowered masculine energy man, you've created an abundant life that supports you in every way...

  • ...gone are the days of over-working, hustling, burning out, overwhelm, over-giving, hand holding or pulling others along......

  • more going on a bunch of dates you don't have time for and/or don't want to go on...

  • the wrong men, men with potential, or men who can't meet you on your level is a thing of the past

Something that's never talked about when it comes to manifesting the life you want is, the ease with which you attract comes down to the health of your relationships.

High-achieving women typically feel they're the most capable and dependable person in the room and it's rare for them to count on a man to do what needs to be done.

No matter how much money they make, or how successful they are, there's always an underlying low level of anxiety that stays with them which stops them from truly being able to relax and receive. 

And it’s not their fault, they’ve rarely experienced being able to depend on masculine energy. They often feel the need to be the one supporting everyone else and don't know how to let life (and men) support them.

They often attract Chameleon Men. This type of man seems perfect at first but over time he reveals his true colors. He's a victim of his circumstances and inability to follow through, and he operates in grey areas when it comes to integrity. In the blink of an eye, he'll shift into "Hustler" energy and say the exact thing that instills hope that the perfection future with him is just around the corner. In the meantime, these women are doing all the supporting and heavy lifting.

When women stop pulling others along and trust that the right people are just as capable as they are, they open up space for the right man to come in while at the same time allowing life to be easier. 


My private clients and the women who’ve taken my programs and courses have created incredible results in a very short amount of time.

  • Attracting a 6 million dollar investment deal PLUS creating more intimacy and connection in her marriage!

  • From $80K/year to $220K+/year working in HR PLUS attracting her now fiance within 6 weeks of our first coaching session!

  • Having her first ever multiple 6 figure month ($200K+) PLUS meeting the love of her life on her very first date from a dating app!

  • Receiving a $29K cash bonus out of the blue PLUS bringing her marriage from the brink of divorce to one of love and connection!

  • Receiving $10K+ clients PLUS letting go of a man who could never meet her on her level!

  • Closing a 6 figure deal at a new job (following her intuition)!

  • Receiving $20K (cash) as a gift PLUS attracting the love of her life within 5 weeks of joining one of my high level masterminds and they're still going strong after a year and a half!

  • Attracting a $20K/year pay raise working in a hospital within 4 weeks of joining one of my group programs!

Who is RECEIVE for specifically?

The women who'll receive the best results from this course already have an understanding of masculine and feminine energies.

It's for spiritual women who want a partner who can meet them on their level, support them in their big dreams and visions while also having the motivation and drive for his own dreams.

We would work together in a group setting for six weeks on the following things...

  • ...learn how to harness your triggers, fears and anxiety so they work for you and naturally move you through your glass ceilings...

  • ...become aware of what's healthy and what's not when it comes to all of the relationships in your life (strong, capable women are often pulling others along and this stops them from receiving)...

  • ...disengage from all drama and learn how to stay neutral so you can easily access your intuition and stay connected to your infinite wisdom...

  • ...shift from a "goal-getting" paradigm (false pleasure) to an "inner-awareness" paradigm (true pleasure) so you can easily influence energy...

  • ...create a personal list of daily, sustainable actions that enhance your well-being while effortlessly closing the gap between you and your desires...

  • ...consistently "let go" so you're always open and receptive to new energy coming towards you...

How is RECEIVE different than other “manifesting” programs?

This program focuses specifically on understanding how your integrated feminine and masculine energies attract and draw in the empowered (and integrated) masculine in the form of a man, money, clients, opportunities, etc.

I’ll teach you the most effective and powerful foundation for attracting the right man and the best opportunities. This is NOT about learning superficial dating strategies or "54 New Ways To Attract Love." So often what we want is so close to us, but we're used to focusing our energy way off into the distance that we don't even SEE what's right in front of us!

The DEEPER transformation I’m just as excited about:

Once you understand what's healthy and what's not in your relationships, it will have a ripple effect out in the world. Having healthy relationships is a MUST in order to live our best lives!
Money Mastery

When does it start?

Your transformation energetically starts the moment you say "YES!"

How We'll Start...

The program will officially start on November 5th, 2020! This course is six weeks in duration. You'll begin with access to my Intuition course, so you can begin setting the foundation for our work together, and quickly start seeing results.

  • One, pre-recorded video training (PDF and audio included) per week.

  • Weekly group Q and A sessions on Thursday's @ 10 am Pacific via Zoom. These calls will last a maximum of two hours. (If you can't make the live calls, you'll be able to ask your questions in the private Facebook group.)

  • Private Facebook group to ask questions, receive insights and inspiration from myself and other empowered women.

  • Daily emails to help with implementation of the tools and teachings.

  • Life time access to all course material!

Together, for six weeks, our goal is for you to create a new normal, and a new foundation for understanding healthy relationship dynamics which naturally draws in empowered masculine energy.

You have the ability to attract the most amazing man, many amazing opportunities, and bring in thousands of additional dollars into your bank account this upcoming year with ease and flow.