Are you ready to attract an empowered masculine energy man in the quickest and easiest way possible?

Do you often feel way ahead of most men spiritually and/or emotionally? Do you attract men who are close to what you want but they just don't quite meet you on your level?

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Hey, Leigha here!

I am so excited to share with you the sectrets to attract an empowered masculine man...

Have you read all the relationship books out there, bought the programs and end up giving all your friends relationship advice because it's so clear to you what a woman should do in most situations?

You don't have a problem attracting men and going on dates, in fact you've dated quite a lot, what you need is for the right man to show up.

Why do you end up attracting men who seem to have so much potential but then ultimately leave you feeling somewhat disappointed and as if no man can match you and meet you on your same level?
The Feminine Art of Dating

I’ve created a VERY specific Archetype Map to help you understand the empowered and wounded masculine and feminine energies.

Once you’re aware of these archetypes, you’ll be able to heal and transform them inside of yourself and then the type of men who show up will match your own empowered energies. (As within, so without.) Once you’ve done the inner work and deliberately started magnetizing empowered masculine energy TO you, the next step you need to know is to understand on a deep level what a masculine energy man will and will NOT do.
Feminine Energy Living

When you know what to look for during the dating process – attracting and manifesting the right man for you will happen much easier (and more quickly too!)

When a woman learns The Feminine Art Of Dating, she automatically becomes more magnetic and irresistible.

If a woman doesn’t learn the Feminine Art Of Dating, she may spend years attracting the wrong type of men and enduring unnecessary heartbreak and frustration.

The more you know, the more empowered you are, the more MAGNETIC you become!

In this 4 week course, you’ll learn:

  • Module 1: Learn and understand how to elevate your energy so that you attract your highest level relationship with an amazing masculine energy man.

  • Module 2: Understand EXACTLY how to stay in your empowered energies so you don’t keep attracting the same kind of men.

  • Module 3: Learn how a healthy, masculine energy man will move from the first contact to lifelong commitment. When you become aware of healthy masculine tendencies and wounded tendencies, you’ll no longer spend months or years investing your time and energy into a relationship that won’t last.

  • Module 4: Learn how to communicate in a way that brings the right man closer

Here’s what some women experienced during our time together…

“The Feminine Art Of Dating has been life altering for me. The information contained in this course gave me those missing pieces to finally see the entire picture when dating. I have studied extensively and healed my own wounds, but knew there was some key information I was still lacking. Leigha has it! She is excellent to work with and is the real deal in a sea of coaches. The proof is in the quality of the men coming forward in my life and the way I am interacting and showing up every day in my own life - my foundation is so much firmer and becoming unshakeable. I look forward to the next adventure and trust her knowledge deeply. Thank you Leigha! ”


“Leigha, I just want to say I attracted someone like 4 days after watching your videos. It's now been two months. He's already asked to be exclusive and tells me all the time how he feels. ”


“Hi Leigha! I'm loving the course, it's so fantastic! The information is incredible and I have done other courses before but not like this. Things are clear, interesting, enlightening and I'm feeling excited and relaxed where I am. Thank you!”


What's Included?

You’ll instantly receive lifetime access to the entire course which includes:

  • 4 video recordings (30 – 60 minutes each)

  • 4 Q and A sessions (20 – 30 minutes each)

  • 4 step-by-step PDF manuals

  • 4 Empowered Energy Activations (including specific mantras for each)

Jess met Ryan 6 weeks into our private coaching and they're now married!

The Feminine Art Of Dating

Danielle attracted her masculine energy man in just over 2 months and they're happily married!

The Feminine Art of Dating

Shelley met Nick 5 weeks into our private coaching and they're still happily together!

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Will I have access to this course for life?

    Yes, you’ll have lifetime access to all the course content.

  • I’ve done a lot of inner work and tried everything it seems, will this course really help me?

    If you’re feeling drawn/pulled/inspired, I highly recommend listening to your intuition. If you really resonate with what I teach, I’m positive you’ll love this course and the results! (Obviously I can’t promise specific results but my client’s results speak for themselves.)


  • You're already married or in a lifelong commitment

  • Have no desire to understand men or the masculine/feminine energy dynamic

  • Don't think you have any power when it comes to attracting the love you want

  • Think you need a certain man in your life right now in order to be happyno


  • You're ready for lasting love and for it to happen it the easiest way possible (and you're single or have only been dating a man 6 months or less!)

  • You want to become your most magnetic self and transform your love life forever

  • You want a comprehensive guide to help you navigate dating in the most feminine way