The Feminine Art Of Manifesting is specifically for spiritual, empathic, high-achieving women who deeply desire to be in a relationship with an empowered man, to receive money through work that feels nourishing and fulfilling, and to feel a sense of freedom with how they spend their day.

Whether you want to manifest the right man for you, a more connected and intimate relationship with the man you're with now, more money (and abundance), a new fulfilling career, or more freedom to do what you want to do - the path is the same.
The Feminine Art Of Manifesting

Learning To Receive What Your Heart Desires...

What if... you started your day with, "I wonder what magic is going to happen today?"

Can you feel how that instantly shifts your energy and opens you up? The most beneficial (and simple!) thing you could start doing right now is to allow yourself to dream again. I mean, really dream so that you begin to feel expansive in your body more consistently. This feeling of expansiveness is also simultaneously opening you up to receive. Where your heart and mind are saying, "Yes! I would love that!" in unison. (You don't need to do this every day. Dreaming is what activates energy into motion.)

There are nuances every woman needs to know...

The BEST strategy is to NOT highly focus on attracting the right man, more money, or different career path. (There are helpful energy tools and exercises that specifically focus on men and money but the overall process is NOT about focusing on those things.) Just like in dating, if all your energy is on a specific man, it pushes him away.

The most direct (quickest) path to what we desire is to zoom out and focus on the big picture of our lives. What do we want to create overall? How can you make your life the best that it can be right now? This is the relationship you have with Life. How can you create an intimate relationship with Life so that you genuinely trust that everything is happening for you and that the best possible outcome is unfolding?
The Feminine Art Of Manifesting

Your consistent (habitual) feelings and outlook on your life are what determine how easy it feels to create, attract, and manifest the man, money, and freedom you want.

Do you feel happy and content waking up in the morning? Do you feel happy and content before going to bed at night?

How often do you feel happy and content during the day? These are the things to begin focusing on. Do you see how they really have nothing to do with a man or money? Yet, this same skill is going to benefit you hugely once the right man does come along and even once you're attracting more money through a deeply fulfilling career. This is what it means to show up as a healthy relationship partner. This is the "inner work."
The Feminine Art Of Manifesting
  • Module #1: Activating Your Dreams And Desires (Putting Energy Into Motion) And Opening Up To Receive. (You will receive physical things, but you'll also receive new inspiration, ideas, and opportunities that seem to come from out of the blue to guide you on your path.) Learning how to recognize and receive inspiration, ideas, and opportunities is where the "feminine art" comes in. This is where the magic is. Let's make 2023 your best year yet!

  • Module #2: Healing Triggers And Addictive Patterns That Cause Our Energy To Dip Down (Recognizing And Integrating all parts of yourself.) Once you've activated your dreams and put energy into motion, the voice of the wounded feminine (inner child) will beg to be heard. This voice is incredibly powerful and often keeps women playing small and stuck in unhelpful patterns. In this module we'll be transforming the voice of the inner child into the empowered masculine and feminine energies for integration and wholeness.

  • Module #3: Learn To Master Receiving Inspiration And Guidance. Our thoughts are leading us and our feelings are guiding us. Being intentional about how we want to feel on our way to our desires allows us to set up our life to support us rather than feeling as if we're on a hamster wheel getting nowhere. Being intentional about how we want to feel allows us to see and recognize when we're getting off course. The more in tune we are with our feelings, the easier it is to intuit the messages coming to us in our daily lives.

  • Module #4: Develop A Strong Foundation Of Healthy Relationships. This is not something we're taught. It's something that everyone has had to figure out on their own, and often after a lot of heartbreak. After this course, I would love for women to be able to ask themselves, "What feels like the healthiest response to this situation or circumstance?" and to trust themselves with their answer.

When Do We Start?

This course will be four weeks in duration, and we'll officially start on Tuesday, November 8th at 12 PM Pacific.

The dates are: November 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th. All calls are at 12 PM Pacific.
  • One pre-recorded video training (PDF of slides included) per week.

  • Weekly group Q and A sessions (every Tuesday for four weeks) via Zoom and will last no longer than 2 hours. (If you can't make the live calls, you'll be able to ask your questions in the FB group and the group call recordings will be uploaded to the course portal shortly after the call is over.)

  • Private FB group to ask questions, and share your insights/celebrations with the other women in the group.

  • Lifetime access to the course material!

Who is The Feminine Art Of Manifesting For?

The women who will create the best results from this program are high-achieving and have been immersed in self-development/inner healing work for years, and generally have a high sense of self-esteem in most areas of their lives.