What if... you could attract the right man for you without having to go out on a lot of dates you don't want to go on?

What if... all you had to do to attract an emotionally healthy, empowered man was to embody your highest feminine frequency, and from there, your work was to be able to quickly recognize an empowered man?

Once a woman learns how her feminine energy influences and inspires the masculine energy out in the world, the next step is learning to recognize a man who can truly be a match for her (rather than trying to inspire a man who will never be the partner she truly desires).

If you're experiencing "low effort" men out in the dating world, and it's causing you to doubt that the right man for you exists, you're not alone.

Many dating and relationship coaches will tell you that there's something within you that's blocking you from attracting a "high-value" man, which keeps you turning in on yourself trying to heal, and transform this invisible block.

The truth is, this is the nature of the dating world (specifically online dating). What a woman really needs to do is acknowledge that this is part of the process and not take it personally. She must be able to see through the illusion of her current reality, hold tight to the vision of her empowered masculine man, and continue to embody her highest feminine frequency. No amount of "inner work" will take away the experience of "low-effort" men. The KEY is to learn to recognize healthy and unhealthy behaviors right away!

The Two Most Important Things You Need To Learn To Attract Your Magnetic Match:

Learn how to embody your highest feminine frequency so you can draw in your high-level man, and learn how to easily recognize a healthy, empowered man.

This is exactly what I'm teaching in Healthy Relationship Mastery!

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The Healthy Relationship Mastery Bundle Includes:

A monthly Q and A call with me, an amazing community on a private forum in the course portal, and access to an extensive library that will help you learn how to attract and recognize the man you know must exist somewhere out the in the world!

When you invest in Healthy Relationship Mastery - This is what you'll get:

You'll receive everything you need to know to attract and recognize a healthy masculine man!

  • A monthly Q and A call with me starting the beginning January, 2023! (All calls will be recorded and kept in the course library.)

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  • I'll keep an ongoing resource of simple scripts for you to pull from for any situation you find yourself in!

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  • You can cancel anytime. No contracts. If you find that it's not for you, it's easy to cancel. (All you have to do is go into your dashboard and cancel your subscription.)

When you learn to embody your highest frequency (meaning you easily say "no" to what's not a match), while also being able to easily recognize a healthy masculine man, you'll stay in the fast lane on your journey to attracting a deeply connected and intimate relationship.

If you don't learn to see through the illusions of your current reality (meaning you let the dating process influence your beliefs around what's possible for you), attracting the right man will feel so much more difficult than it needs to. It will feel like you're constantly working on yourself and getting nowhere.